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Comprehensive learning credential management solution on blockchain

Lifelong digital learning profile for learners from Pre-K to Grey

Supports all formats of certificates, learning artifacts like music, program code, etc.

"The real power of Pistis.io is not just what it can do for you, but what YOUR imagination can take you to."
- Pistis.io Co-Founder and CEO


Pistis.io has been recognized in the American Council on Education's blockchain report funded by US Department of Education.

As a blockchain startup, we are very proud that Pistis.io has been recognized in the latest report from American Council on Education: “CONNECTED IMPACT - Unlocking Education and Workforce Opportunity Through Blockchain” as a blockchain service platform to “provide a shareable Lifelong Learning Profile where each credential is viewable along with learning artifacts."

Our blockchain services already cover the key services outlined in the report:

  • 1. Empower all learners
  • 2. Unlock lifelong learning, and
  • 3. Improve economic mobility.
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Pistis.io is supporting the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.

Pistis.io has just announced the official release of Pistis.io Social Distancing (PSD) mobile app on Google Play store and the iOS version for iPhones is currently under review by Apple. To protect the health safety of millions of people going back to work and students going back to school, it is imperative for all of us to follow CDC’s guidelines and practice social distancing. Pistis.io is offering this mobile app completely free as our contribution to support the fight to stop the spread of COVID19 coronavirus. PSD does not require any user account to use, nor does it collect any user data in order to protect users privacy. PSD wearable version for Android watches, iWatch, and other wearables is also under development.

Pistis.io is offering solutions to help students get their digital diplomas ASAP.

In less than a month, we can help education institutions to get the digital diplomas ready for your students. - Says Pistis.io CEO. In US, at least 42 states have so far implemented “Stay at Home” orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Schools, colleges and universities have shut down and moved their classes online. Many schools that are planning to hold virtual graduation ceremonies, have run into dilemma to get the student diplomas ready. The best solution is to issue digital diplomas on blockchain, which is secure and less expensive, easy to access and to share; it is also tamper-proof and readily verifiable. Students will need the diplomas to apply for jobs or pursue advanced level learning, Pistis.io can help them get it ASAP.

Introducing Pistis Learner's Record (PLR)

"Pistis.io is launching its global Pistis Learner’s Record (PLR)", says Feng Hou, Co-Founder and CEO of Pistis.io Inc. which has created the revolutionary blockchain platform service Pistis.io, ”We believe that individual learners should own and control their learning records, and PLR will help them re-imagine learning with easy-to-issue, easy-to-share, and easy-to-verify digital credentials on blockchain.”

For more details, click here. or check out this video about PLR.

Pistis.io to Compete in Premier Global Competition for Emerging Companies that “Bend the Arc of Human Potential”

Pistis.io was announced as one of the Elite 200 companies who will compete in the GSV Cup and will now present at the 2020 ASU GSV Summit. The ASU GSV Summit gathers leaders in government, education, and work advancing social and economic mobility by bending the arc of human potential through innovation. Three companies will be chosen as finalists during the Summit, receiving a prize package of $250,000 in cash and $100,000 in Google Cloud credits.

For more details, click here.

“Pistis.io is a revolutionary blockchain platform service that makes it EASY for everyone to use blockchain,” says the company’s Co-Founder and CEO Feng Hou. “We are honored to be selected as one of the Elite 200 companies and the only blockchain learning credential management service to compete for the GSV Cup. Learners of all ages from anywhere in the world can use Pistis.io today to build their lifelong learning profile on blockchain.”

Pistis Learner's Record (PLR)

What Pistis.io provides

Issue degree diplomas, certificates, licenses, transcripts and any other awards on blockchain.

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Compliant with Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) to offer individual user control

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Supports Open Badge 2.0 standard.

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Lifelong Learning Profile Tree

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Free online certificate designing and testing tool

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Free Blockchain Certificate Verification

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Free Blockchain Sandbox and Smart Contract Playground

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Anytime and quick bulk issuance for organizations

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Mobile Wallet for viewing, sharing and verifying Certificates

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Free Blockchain ID (Pistis ID)

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Support certificate formats from other blockchain platforms

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Almost all file formats supported for issuance including JSON, ZIP, PDF, images, audio, video, etc.

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How It Works?

Step 1:

Register an account Just click on Register and start using blockchain. No complicated system setup, no technical coding required.

Step 2:

Design/upload your certificate FREE issuance credits for every registered user with no annual contract or maintenance fee.

Step 3:

Issue your certificate Once issued, your certificate is stored in the blockchain where it is publically viewable and verifiable by anyone.

Use Cases


  • Issue digital badges, training completion certificates, graduation / degree diplomas as well as grade transcripts, etc and build Lifelong learner profile.

    It is also entirely possible to develop blockchain apps such as CPL (credit of prior learning) verification, financial aid document verification and reference letter for students.


  • Pistis.io has designed an end-to-end Logistics Platform powered by Hyperledger Fabric. It's very efficient, secure, scalable and customisable.

    Pistis.io Logistics platform supports different roles and provides mobile apps, web portal, WeChat Mini programs, etc.


  • Public records like birth certificates, marriage certificates, deeds, mortgages, titles, sex offender records and missing persons can all be issued on blockchain.

    Blockchain can be used in healthcare, insurance, real estate, manufacturing and indeed almost any business.


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Simply put, blockchain is the next generation of the Internet. The current Internet can only show data based information like email, pictures, voice and video; blockchain can show value based information such as money, assets and ownership, etc.

Just like the Internet, blockchain can be used in many ways. For example, Walmart is using blockchain to keep track of the fresh produce from harvesting to transporting to the Walmart stores. Colleges and universities are issuing student degree diplomas and transcripts on blockchain so the students can easily share their learning credentials as well as have them verified online.

A blockchain network runs on the participants’ computers, there is NO central authority or even a central server that runs blockchain.

Just register on Pistis.io and try it. You get FREE certificate issuance credits on registering.

To verify MIT's Open Standard for Certificates based JSON certificates, click : here



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